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We continually strive to keep our prices as affordable as possible. In order to continue this, we do ask that payment is made at the time of treatment.

We will give estimates for any treatment upon request, and if it becomes necessary to exceed an estimate we will contact you.

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  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Initial Consultation £56.60 £56.60
Follow-up Consultation £53.00 £53.00
Minimal  £48.00 £48.00
Small Animal £39.00 £39.00
Registration Consultation (FREE) Free Free
Medication Review £53.90 £53.90
Written Prescription* £27.50 £27.50

Our consultations are 15 minutes long.

*We comply with regulations on the prescribing and dispensing of prescription only medicaines (POM-V). 
A veterinary surgeon can only supply POM-Vs to an animal under their care. Our general policy is that we must have examined the patient, for the condition requiring the medication, within the previous three months. This can vary in individaul circumstances. You may request a written prescription for medicines to be dispensed at another legal outlet, eg a pharmacy. The current charge to issue a written prescription is £27.50. We do also require to do a medication review for patients on long term medication every three months which is £53.90. However if there are significant changes to the condition or medication required there may be a repeat consulation fee. If new conditions are present then an initial consultation fee is applicable. We are able to inform you of the price of any medications we supply. This information is also routinely itemised on your invoice. Please be aware that it may not be appropriate to issue a prescription if your pet is an inpatient or requires immediate attention. 

Nurse Clinics

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Nurse Consult £27.00 £27.00
Empty Anal Glands £35.00 Included
Nail Clip £29.50 Included
Tick Removal £20.00 £17.90
Microchip Dogs £31.00 Included
RSPCA Cats Only Microchip £15.00 Included



Dog Vaccines Standard Price Pet Health Club
Puppy Vaccination Course £118.00 Included
Third parvo vaccination (optional) £35.00 Included
Dog Booster Vaccination £66.00 Included
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £54.00 Included
Kennel Cough with Booster (at time of other) £37.00 Included
Rabies  £94.00 £88.00


Cat Vaccines Standard Price Pet Health Club
Kitten Vaccination Course £124.00 Included
Cat Booster  £68.00 Included


Rabbit Vaccines Standard Price Pet Health Club
Myxomatosis/RHD £77.00 Included

A written health report and a 15 minute appointment are provided for our vaccination services.  
Most vaccinations are included in our Pet Health Club.

Neutering Operations

Dog Standard Price Pet Health Club
Dog Castrate (up to 45kg) £260.00 20% off
Dog Castrate (over 45kg) £340.00 20% off
Bitch Spay (up to 25kg) £310.00 20% off
Bitch Spay (over 45kg) £413.00 20% off


Cats Standard Price Pet Health Club
Cat Castrate £91.00 20% off
Cat Spay £119.00 20% off
Cat Midline Spay £120.00 20% off


Small Animals Standard Price Pet Health Club
Rabbit Castrate £140.00 20% off
Guinea Pig Castrate £84.00 £84.00
Rabbit Spay £130.00 20% off
Guinea Pig Spay £115 £115

Pet Health Club members get 20% off neutering for cats, dogs and rabbits.

Out-of-Hours Fees

Consult prices and times Standard Price
11pm - 7am From £351.36
Other Times From £240.00