Pet Travel

Thinking about taking your pet abroad? We have got you covered!

When travelling abroad to Europe and Northern Ireland, it is now required for your pet to obtain an AHC (Animal Health Certificate) provided by an (OV) Official Veterinarian. Here at Priory Vets, we have 3 vets who have worked to reach this status of authorisation from the Animal Plant Health Agency.

For your pet to qualify for an AHC (Animal Health Certificate), they will need:

  • To be microchipped

  • To be a minimum of 12 weeks old

  • Be vaccinated for rabies 21 days prior to travel

What happened to pet passports?

Due to Brexit, the GB-issued EU passport no longer enables your pet to travel to Europe and Northern Ireland. The introduction of the AHC (Animal Health Certificate) allows pets to travel as long as the necessary requirements are met. Unlike the passport, a new AHC must be obtained for each individual trip.

For more information on Pet Travel, please contact your local branch and we will be happy to assist. You can also visit the Gov website for further details.